Here’s what happens in a NON gun-free zone!

Here’s what happens in a NON gun-free zone!

This is a prime example of why gun-free zones are an incredibly bad idea.

Armed robbers. These are not nice guys. If they’re going to walk in to a place a business brandishing a lethal weapon, the only sane conclusion that you can draw from this act is that your chances of getting killed or receiving grave bodily harm goes up an order of magnitude when in close proximity to them. In other words, your life is threatened!

When robbers walk into a gun-free zone, they walk in feeling confident that they will not be met with any force. That they are indeed wolves among sheep. Wolves who at any moment could injure and kill without a warning.

Here’s what happens when wolves walk in to a non gun free zone. Two armed robbers walk into a convenience store with at least one gun drawn. Only a very foolish person would assume that it’s “only for show – they wouldn’t really shoot anyone – they’re just kids.” Luckily, the store owner understood the real danger and was prepared to fight for his life.

Anyone who legally owns and carries a gun, takes this responsibility very seriously. And this store owner did. “I did not shoot to kill but to protect my store, my employees,” he said. “And to protect myself.” It is without a doubt that his brave man had taken the time to train and understand how to be mentally prepared for an armed altercation.

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