Gun Free Zones are Dangerous – Here are 12 Reasons Why

Gun Free Zones are Dangerous – Here are 12 Reasons Why

The Gun Show with Matt Canovi airs on KSGF 104.1 on Saturdays from 7 to 9am. This is how he describes his show:

“We talk about pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, concealed carry, personal def. training and attacks on our 2nd amendment right to protect ourselves and our families.

We are a listener based call-in show with a two hour format. In the first hour, we discuss firearms, ammunition, training and personal defense. In the second hour, we discuss political topics focusing around the Second Amendment right as it pertains to self-defense.”

I have a permanent link to The Gun Show website on the sidebar to the right and I encourage you to tune in to his live streaming broadcast or listen to his archive of podcasts.

In a recent show, he was talking with guest Dee Wampler, a local Criminal and Civil Defense Attorney in Springfield, MO. Their discussion centered how perilous gun free zones are and Mr. Wampler shared information that was published in the article “Pretend ‘Gun-Free’ School zones: a Deadly Legal Fiction” by David Kopel.

Read Mr. Wampler’s summary of Mr. Kopel’s article here:

David Kopel’s full article can be downloaded from here: