An Example of Responsible Gun Ownership

When an intruder enters a home occupied by a mom and her two children, he never thought he’d be leaving in the shape he found himself in. She did all the right things and is a great case study on what to do when in a home-intrusion situation.

  1. Practice and training: she was familiar with the proper handling and safe use of a fire arm
  2. State of mind: she was mentally prepared to not be a victim
  3. Situational awareness: she saw the man approach the door and realized things were escalating when, after ringing the doorbell, he leaves and returns to the house with something in his hands
  4. She then got herself and her children to a hiding place, secured her handgun, and called 911 on one line and her husband on another
  5. When accosted, she did not shoot just one round. She shot to stop the intruder with everything she had and then ran

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