Shooting Sports and Kids

With all the current assaults on our second amendment rights and other freedoms, we as Like Minded Citizens need to do everything we can to preserve and protect the freedoms awarded us by our forefathers. There are many ways to do this and one of them is through education.

Teaching kids about the shooting sports in a safe, responsible way, will not only pass down our heritage, but help to make sure we keep of our rights. Teaching proper techniques and proper safety standards will build a strong foundation, while bad teaching practices will lead to bad outcomes and cause many interested in the shooting sports to become discouraged, while only strengthen the people opposed to any involvement with the shooting sports.

Through the use of social media, reality television and video games, good intentions and thoughtless attempts at humor hamper progress in teaching the proper and safe way to handle shooting sports equipment. Posting a video of your wife, kids or grandmother loosing control of a firearm because of too large of a firearm , improper training or carelessness does nothing to help our cause. Just because person or persons appear on a television show this does not make them an expert, it only makes ratings which translate to money. While not all shows on television are necessarily bad,  far more of these shows show improper techniques and unsafe practices more than they do proper and safe techniques.   Video games can be a great source of entertainment if used and monitored properly but we must take it upon ourselves to make sure our kids understand the concept of imagination versus reality. In reality once you pull the trigger there is no going back but where is the fun in that so in video games all a person has to do is hit reset and start over. The business of video gaming and television is far bigger than the firearms and shooting sports industry so it is easier to go after the little guy in this case and the results are attacks on our freedoms.

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When it comes to education a firearm is not a “weapon”, it is a firearm, the way with which you use the firearm determines weaponry. A firearm is a tool designed to serve one purpose, expend a projectile in a way as to not cause harm to the person controlling the firearm, that is it. Far to many people use the term “weapon” loosely with no concept  of the meaning of the word. The media, loves to spread the “W” word around every time they get a chance and we as teachers should do everything we can to educate kids in the difference between a “weapon” and a tool. When teaching about the shooting sports we are using a tool to do a task. We use a shotgun to attempt to break a target, it is a tool. A baseball bat is used to attempt to strike a ball, it is a tool.  When using a rifle or a pistol  to attempt to strike a target, it is a tool. An automobile used to attempt to arrive at a destination is a tool.  Any of the above mentioned items can also be used as a “weapon” if used incorrectly, but through proper training and practice they all used every day as a tool.

By teaching our kids safe, responsible and proven shooting techniques we are starting them down the path of a lifelong sport that is a tradition in this country. As responsible parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles it should be our mission to make sure our kids learn the fun, safe way to take part in the shooting sports. Proper training for both the participant and the teacher is vital. There are many wonderful organizations who specialize in the teaching of kids and adults about the shooting sports.  I ask you to get your kids and yourself involved. Through these organizations a kid can learn a skill that they will use for a lifetime and adults can learn the safe, responsible way to pass down our heritage.